Tracey McMahon, Independent, 2nd May 2019

TRACEY MCMAHON (was Pinchess)

Your Independent CBC and Town Council Candidate for TITHE FARM

Hi, I’m Tracey. I’ve had the privilege to be your Town Councillor for the last 4 years. I know I may not have knocked on your door before, but as an Independent, there is only me. I don’t have the luxury of an army of people to do that for me. Instead, I prefer to be out there doing the work that people have elected me to do. It means attending the meetings that I am supposed to, and going to others I don’t have to but would have liked to have had a seat on. I promise to keep doing just that!

It also means:

Reporting things that need reporting when you ask me, and chasing them up when they need chasing.

Listening to residents with local issues, and supporting them, it’s your town after all!

Working to improve the safety of the town by attending Police  Priority Setting Meetings,  working with other agencies behind the scene, and pressing for a Town Council Community  Safety Strategy to help tackle  ASB, drugs, and knife crime.

Fighting to prevent building overdevelopment in inappropriate places and spaces. Examples are Windsor  Drive and Tithe Farm Rec.

Lobbying for the improvements that our town so desperately needs. We want to see CBC  spend some money on OUR  town for a change!

Not muddling up national politics with local issues. We have huge challenges ahead of us, and we MUST work together!

Tackling bad parking, and lack of parking. I’ve recently been working to improve parking by the doctor's surgery. I’m also desperate to get better parking for residents on the estate. Our houses were not built with cars in mind, so we need to be thinking clever! CBC needs to crack on with their long-awaited ‘Parking Strategy’ which is now in it’s 3rd inception in 10 years and still seems no further forward so we can get this sorted.

Continuing to fight for the Town Council to have their own Town Ranger to clean graffiti, cut back overgrown trees and bushes that are blocking footpaths, or just generally dangerous, and clearing up localised fly-tipping (those annoying sofas, bed heads and empty paint pots that turn up overnight next to your street signs!) This holistic approach to taking care of our town and instilling a sense of pride is nothing new. We have people that take care of all of our residents, why can’t we have people that take care of all of our town?

Improving our parks and leisure facilities. Parkside has had improvements to its pavilion, The Village Green has had new play equipment, gym equipment, trim trail, benches, and new bins. I want to see this rolled out across all our parks. I want to see improvements especially at Tithe Farm Rec, and I want to see enhanced provision including a splash park, a multi-purpose pavilion with a clubhouse/café to bring us up to spec with other areas, and even perhaps an adventure playground or even crazy golf! We need things that will be of benefit to all of our residents.

Promoting all of the hard work of our volunteers and clubs, and supporting them by offering grant funding, but also by making sure that our residents are signposted to the groups that can help them the most.

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I promise to serve YOU! 


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Published and Promoted by Tracey McMahon, 
68 Tithe Farm Road, Houghton Regis, LU5 5JB


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