New Roads

A5-M1 northern bypass And Woodside Link

The A5-M1 northern bypass separates Houghton Regis from Chalgrave and was completed in the spring of 2017. It had a £45m contribution from 'HRN1 developers'. The Green Belt is expected to be rolled north from the edges of the current Houghton Regis built up area to the edge of this new road.
Scheme Highways England: A5-M1 Northern Bypass.

 In 1965, 2000 vehicles per peak hour travelled on the Icknield Way A505, and although 1959 saw the completion of the M1 motorway, the problem of heavy traffic through Dunstable was not alleviated. Beds County Planning Department mull over the problem in this interesting 1965 film and possible solutions.

A5-M1 Simulation Video:

Aerial video building the roundabout at Lord's Hill /Bedford Rd, by Anthony McGill:

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Woodside Link

Work officially started on 16th July 2015 by Transport Minister Andrew Jones, MP (link). Dubbed the "Woodside Link", this opened in the spring of 2017 and connects the Porz Avenue / Poynters Road roundabout, to the new M1 Junction 11a, by running between Wheatfield Road, Luton, and Sandringham Drive, Houghton Regis, and then north east across open fields to the new M1 junction. This scheme was promoted by Central Bedfordshire Council.
Woodside Link Facebook Page for your questions on this.

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