Luton North Framework Plan

Luton North Framework Plan

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This concerns land at the northern edge of Luton's built area, on the western side of the M1 motorway.

On 31 March 2015 the Land North of Luton and Sundon RFI Framework Plan was adopted for development management purposes at Executive committee. The Framework Plan is made up of two parts.

The written document (PDF 3.6MB)  sets out the vision for the urban extension and Central Bedfordshire Council’s expectations for any planning applications that may be submitted.

The concept plan (PDF 4.5MB)  shows the indicative locations for the new homes, employment, community facilities, open spaces and other infrastructure on the sites.

Development Strategy 

Developments are subject to a Development Strategy that has so far failed Government inspection. Central Bedfordshire Council wanted to appeal against the inspector's decision, but in June 2015 were refused permission. More about this Development Strategy can be read on the Central Bedfordshire Council website.

There was a dispute between Central Bedfordshire Council and Luton Borough Council over how many of the new homes to be built in Central Bedfordshire would be allocated to Luton.

LBC argued that CBC had failed in its duty to cooperate under the Localism Act and that the HRN1 scheme’s 10% affordable housing provision was too low. A High Court judge told LBC in December 2014 [see pdf document on this case ] [ same pdf document is available on CBC website, here ] that its opposition to HRN1 scheme in Houghton Regis was “wholly unarguable” and “lacking in legal merit”.

In April 2015 it was revealed in a FOI request that LBC "had blown £100k of taxpayers money" pursuing their case (see Luton News report). LBC challenged the scheme in the Court of Appeal, 6 May 2015, but their case was later dismissed, 20 May 2015 [see reasons, dismissal and case ] LBC did not pursue this in the Supreme Court.

Luton and Central Bedfordshire have agreed in principle that Luton would get access to 50% of any affordable housing which is brought forward in the urban extensions to the north of the town [ref.  Back-up copy]

On 21/Jun/2015 The Sunday Times reported that LBC "missed a deadline to appeal to the Supreme Court" [ref. ] [see A guide to bringing a case to The Supreme Court ].

6/10/2015 A new Development Strategy was proposed at CBC Executive meeting, refer to  Background Paper

M1 - A6 Link Road

Environmental Impact Assessment for the new road to run through the urban extension to Luton.
CB/18/02714/SCO documents.

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