Houghton Regis Places Map:

'HRN2' is development area, bounded by Houghton Regis Chalk Quarry in the south, the A5 in the west, the A5-M1 link in the north, and Bedford Road in Bidwell, Houghton Regis in the east. Up to 1,850 homes and associated works are envisaged here along with 2 FE Primary Schools, employment land, local centre.

Application: CB/15/00297.
Outline approved on 22/July/2015. Approval event filmed, watch here.
Following the completion of the S.106 Legal agreement, consent was issued 18 NOV 2015.

Houghton Regis Places Map. Zoomable indicative map of what might be expected.
This is an unofficial map and is a loose interpretation of actual plans. Edited by HRND editor, Alan Winter.

March 2018. This is a view on Thorn Road looking east. Trees have been felled on the edge of the field, a 6.10 hectare site. This is in preparation for development of the field into an employment site. A 3m shared use Footway and Bridleway is to be installed on the south side of Thorn Rd, and a grass embankment. In the distance is a recently installed pegasus crossing. Bus stops and shelters, one either side of the crossing, were also proposed as part of the planning application CB/15/04918. Comment on this photo at Facebook Link 

April 2018. Construction of new road along the line of the Icknield Way. View North towards Thorn Road.

April 2018. To the left of the roadworks, Bury Spinney, an application for 100 homes in outline has been submitted. CB/17/04108/OUT

April 2018. To the right of the roadworks, view north east.

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