Houghton Regis Places Map:

HRN1 is 262 hectares of open fields being championed by a developers consortium (Lands Improvement Holdings, owned by BlackRock, Axa Real Estate and the St Albans Diocesan Board of Finance). (see Telereal Trillium acquires L.I.H )  The land is to the north, northeast, and east of Houghton Regis, bounded by the line of the A5-M1 link, in the north, the M1 motorway in the east, Lewsey Farm in the south, Bedford Road in Houghton Regis in the west. HRN1 scheme is for up to 5,150 new homes and associated infrastructure, schools, playing fields, shops, offices, warehouses.

Design and Access documents, 2012

While available, they can be all be downloaded from the original site, - if they become unavailable, please Contact us.

Part 1 - Download  (pdf)
1. Introduction

Part 2 - Download (pdf)
2. The site and its context

Part 3 - Download (pdf)
3. Constraints and Opportunities,
4. Vision and Concept,
5. Design Evolution

Part 4 - Download  (pdf)
6. Design Strategies

Part 5 - Download  (pdf)
7. Built form character
Character Zone 1: Woodside Village (areas between Parkside and Lewsey Farm)
Character Zone 2: The Brookside Ladder (area heading north east either side of Woodside Link)
Character Zone 3: Urban Hub (area near M1 junction 11A)
Character Zone 5: The Ouzel Edge
Character Zone 6: The Long Ridings
Character Zone 7: The Western Slopes (Area North of Tithe Farm)
Character Zone 8: The Arcadian Slopes (Calcutt Farm area)
Character Zone 9: Houghton Wetlands (area next to M1)

Part 6 - Download  (pdf)
8. Landscape and Public Realm
9. Local Materials & Pallettes

Part 7 - Download (pdf)
10. Movement and Access
11. Quality of Life

Download HRN1 flyer.


Provisional plans for this area were on public exhibition in February 2018. Planning Applications for AMP1 are anticipated later in 2018.

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