Development Applications

While Planning Applications are decided by Central Bedfordshire Council, the public, the Houghton Regis Town Council, and innumerable other bodies and organisations also contribute to the planning process by making comment in line with National Planning Policies.

Houghton Regis News Desk has created a Planning Applications Support Group on Facebook.

Applications made can be searched on Central Bedfordshire Council's planning portal.

Major applications affecting Houghton Regis are summarised in this pdf summary file maintained by HRND editor, Alan Winter.

You may find a more up to date pdf file in the Files of the Houghton Regis Planning Applications Facebook Group.


This is a plot of land on the Parkside estate, Houghton Regis. 'Legacy' and Central Bedfordshire Council are working towards establishing the financial models, the most sustainable housing and facility mix and the best design and layout, which can unlock this site’s potential, with the aim to submit outline planning permission later in 2016, according to statements from Legacy public relations national media stories.

Before any local consultation had been done, and before any plans were in the public domain it was controversially widely announced that "They will start work building 1,300 homes just outside Luton in 2017" - 21 October 2016

CBC - #Kingsland "There Have Been No Decisions, No Deals And No Secret Meetings"

More information on CBC website about the Kingsland project,

Legacy Foundation, go to:

The controversial Guardian article: 24/9/2016 link.

"A Publicity Stunt Gone Wrong". August 2018

As of 16 October 2018, there have been no planning applications for housing on this site.

The Central Bedfordshire Local Plan 2018

Call for Sites: Central Bedfordshire Council launched their Local Plan in February 2016. 'Call for Sites' ran until April 2016. This was an opportunity for agents, landowners and developers to submit land which they believed could be developed to meet future demand for homes and jobs. These sites were also mapped to Houghton Regis Places Map, by HRND editor, Alan Winter.

Local Plan: The Local Plan for housing across Central Bedfordshire is being decided. It includes two new plots of land within Houghton Regis, in addition to those sites that were already identified for development. The first is the Kingdom Hall in Bedford Rd (25 homes), the second is Land east of Parkside, on a plot immediately adjoining Houghton Park Road, and Conquest Rd. The allocation there is for 355 homes.

The consultation on the Local Plan was open between 11 Jan - 22 Feb 2018.

A position statement from CBC was issued in January 2020 with regard to development on HRN1 and HRN2 in conjunction with It concluded that applications for 900 homes were approved.

Houghton News Desk has more information:

1. New Roads (link)
2. HRN1 (link)
3. HRN2 (link)
4. Luton North Framework Plan (link)
5. Business (link)
6. Development Applications (link)
7. Houghton Regis Planning Applications Facebook Group(link)


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