Development Applications

While Planning Applications are decided by Central Bedfordshire Council, the public, the Houghton Regis Town Council, and innumerable other bodies and organisations also contribute to the planning process by making comment in line with National Planning Policies.

Houghton Regis News Desk has created a Planning Applications Support Group on Facebook.

Applications made can be searched on Central Bedfordshire Council's planning portal.

Major applications affecting Houghton Regis are summarised in this pdf summary file which also links to the separate applications. The current summary file was valid at the end of July 2017.


This is a plot of land on the Parkside estate, Houghton Regis. 'Legacy' and Central Bedfordshire Council are working towards establishing the financial models, the most sustainable housing and facility mix and the best design and layout, which can unlock this site’s potential, with the aim to submit outline planning permission later in 2016, according to statements from Legacy public relations national media stories.

Before any local consultation had been done, and before any plans were in the public domain it was controversially widely announced that "They will start work building 1,300 homes just outside Luton in 2017" - 21 October 2016

CBC - #Kingsland "There Have Been No Decisions, No Deals And No Secret Meetings"

More information on CBC website about the Kingsland project,

Legacy Foundation, go to:

Guardian article: 24/9/2016 link.

Other Land Earmarked for Consideration of Development in Houghton Regis Parish

Call for Sites: Central Bedfordshire Council launched their Local Plan in February 2016. 'Call for Sites' ran until April 2016. This was an opportunity for agents, landowners and developers to submit land which they believed could be developed to meet future demand for homes and jobs.

The full list of sites that were submitted was published on 25 May 2016. Only an estimated 4-6 per cent of the total land that has been submitted will need to be allocated to deliver the new homes that are needed [ref.]. The opportunity to comment on the shortlist of sites will begin in December 2016.

Within Houghton Regis parish the following plots of land are listed (follow link below for map). In case of any doubt, refer to the official land list . Essentially the sites are mostly plots along Thorn Road and Bedford Road in Bidwell, plus a significant other site of the Windsor Drive Recreation Ground. All of these sites were indicated as potential Residential, except ALP258 which is potentially for employment. None of these sites are considered for G&T.

A map can be found on CBC website here:
  • ALP144 North West Dunstable Houghton Regis 44.0266 hectares
  • ALP164 Land at Frenchs Avenue, Dunstable Houghton Regis 4.2617 hectares
  • ALP253 The Stables, Driveside Cottage, Bedford Road, Bidwell, Houghton Regis 1.9804 hectares
  • ALP254 The Gate, Midway Cottage, Bedford Road, Bidwell, Houghton Regis 3.7469 hectares
  • ALP255 The Orchard, Bedford Road, Bidwell, Houghton Regis 0.848 hectares
  • ALP256 The Field, Bedford Road, Bidwell, Houghton Regis 1.5156 hectares
  • ALP257 The Turn, Bedford Road, Bidwell, Houghton Regis 1.5426 hectares
  • ALP258 Land north off proposed A5-M1 link Road Land north of Bedford Road, Bidwell, Houghton Regis 2.9724 hectares
  • ALP259 Land west of Bedford Road, Bidwell, Houghton Regis 4.6285 hectares
  • ALP260 The Bidwell Vision Land at Bidwell and Parcels Comprising the Bidwell Vision, Bidwell, Houghton Regis 15.1312 hectares
  • ALP299 Land west of Coopers Way Land north and west of Coopers Way and Arnold Way, Houghton Regis 1.188 hectares
  • ALP307 Bidwell Gospel Hall (Dell Mount), Bedford Road, Houghton Regis 0.7763 hectares
  • ALP380 Land at east side of Houghton Road, Houghton Regis 0.9336 hectares
  • ALP432 Highfield Barn Land at Highfield Barn, Bedford Road, Bidwell, Houghton Regis 0.8689 hectares
  • ALP481 Land off Bedford Road, Houghton Regis 2.2365 hectares
  • NLP024 The Bungalow Land at the Bungalow, Bedford Road, Bidwell, Houghton Regis LU5 6JS Houghton Regis 1.069 hectares
  • NLP040 The Orchard, Bedford Road, Houghton Regis LU5 6JJ Houghton Regis 0.848 hectares
  • NLP132 Land west of Bedford Rd, Bidwell, LU5 6JP Houghton Regis 4.62 hectares
  • NLP257 Houghton Regis North Land between the M1 and Bedford Road, north of Houghton Regis 261 hectares
  • NLP274 Land west of Coopers Way North and west of Coopers Way and Arnold Way Houghton Regis LU5 5EP 0.9957 hectares
  • NLP285 Oakwell Park, Thorn Rd, Thorn, Houghton Regis LU5 6JH Houghton Regis 6.7841 hectares
  • NLP306 Totternhoe Land to the west of Beecroft off Hillcroft, Houghton Regis 19.3006 hectares
  • NLP334 The Gates Land to the North East of Bedford Rd, Houghton Regis 4.2 hectares
  • NLP344 Land at Windsor Drive Windsor Drive, Houghton Regis 4.7308 hectares. If this site is developed, they would have to hand back open space of similar or better value, as it is a designated Open Space protected by NPPF.
  • NLP345 Bidwell Farm House, Bedford Rd, Bidwell, LU5 6JS Houghton Regis 1.8754 hectares
  • NLP346 Bedford Road, Bidwell, Houghton Regis LU5 6JS 2.582 hectares

These are also mapped to Houghton Regis Places Map

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