Local housebuilder donates a wormery to school

Soil provides 99% of the food that we consume, but with over-fertilisation and pesticides contaminating the precious resource, the quality of our soil is rapidly degenerating.* 

To coincide with Learn About Composting Day, a local housebuilder has donated a compost wormery to Thornhill Primary School. This is helping to teach the children about composting and enrichment of the quality of soil. 

The builders are Barratt David Wilson Homes, now building at the Linmere development of Betony Meadow in Houghton Regis.

The pupils have since set up the wormery and are enjoying learning about the process of composting.

Worm composting is an efficient method of turning food and garden waste into nutrient-rich compost which can help improve the quality of soil when added in. The worms produce two different types of compost – vermicompost, which looks like traditional fertiliser, and worm tea, which is a liquid fertiliser rich in nutrients and enzymes. Barratt David Wilson North Thames donated the compost wormery, complete with trays for the worms, a sump to collect the worm tea, and a secure lid, so the children of Thornhill Primary School can learn about the worms and the importance of composting.

Marc Woolfe, Head of Sales for Barratt David Wilson North Thames, said, “As a sustainable housebuilder, we always try to support the environment wherever possible. The wormery is an excellent way to produce compost, which will enrich any soil it is applied to and help plant life flourish. We hope the children enjoy feeding the worms and learning about the necessity of good soil and compost.”

Christopher Gunning, Deputy Headteacher at Thornhill Primary School, commented, “The children are really enjoying seeing the worms in action, and thanks to the builders it is a hands-on way for them to experience how organic waste can be turned into compost, and how this compost can benefit our soil to help things grow. As we are part of the Eco-Schools programme, we are delighted to have this new way to help the environment at our school.”

Barratt David Wilson North Thames’ Linmere development hosts multiple wildlife-friendly features such as hedgehog highways, bird and bat boxes and community allotments.

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