In Photos: Linmere: AMP1

By HRND editor.

AMP1, or Area Master Plan 1, is a tranche of land being developed to the northeast of Houghton Regis. That is where these photographs were taken.

The housing plots are complemented by a new Linmere Park where sports and other recreation can occur. A small BMX track and climbing frame are included to add to the variety of play opportunities for young people. For all generations, an established footpath leading east to west is being improved, leading to a pedestrian overbridge towards Chalton, and the Chalgrave Greenway. 

Water retention ponds have been made a feature, not only to hold excess water at certain times of the year but to create an eye-pleasing centre of interest at all times of the year.

Last week, an exhibition was held to develop "AMP4", the area west of AMP1 and north of Tite Farm Recreation Ground.

To ensure that the old and new parts of Houghton Regis become more integrated, many of the existing north-south pathways across the old fields are being retained and enhanced. Eventually, there will be pleasant walks and traffic-free cycle rides to be had all around the Linmere part of Houghton Regis and into the older, established parts of the town.

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