Land East of Houghton Park Road: Stage 2 Public Consultation

  • Homes England has announced the second stage of consultation for a development of new homes on land east of Houghton Park Road, Houghton Regis.

The organisation are distributing a letter to nearby homes, inviting the public to a meeting on 16 June 2022. Over 350 new homes may be built on the site subject to a planning application and planning permission. 

With previous planning applications on this site, there had been, especially, public concern over access to the site which may have been via Houghton Park Road and Conquest Road. Previous developers had suggested mitigating measures for Conquest Road such as creating footways where there are none and creating more off-street parking by take-over of grassed amenity areas. All those earlier plans are now dropped, and a new development proposal is being worked up and brought forward through Homes England.

A consultation stage 1 by Home England took place earlier and the organisation has now captured public concerns over design and access.

A consultation Stage 2 event is now to be held this summer.

The leaflet currently being distributed to select addresses headlined "Homes England Land East of Houghton Park Road" states, “You are invited to attend on Thursday 16th June at The Farmstead, Huckett Street, Linmere, LU5 5GX.
The afternoon session will be between 12:30pm and 3:00pm and the evening session will be 4:40pm until 7:00pm.”

The leaflet then goes on to say, "We hope that as many of you as possible will come along to the sessions so that the design process can be iterative and responsive to your comments and valuable local knowledge.
"If you are unable to attend the events and would like to be involved our website will display the information shown at the events and provides detail on future events. ”

There are no tickets for this event. Entry is free.