In photos: 65th Anniversary of Houghton Regis' Memorial Hall

Houghton Regis Memorial Hall celebrated its 65th anniversary at a special function on Saturday. 

Guests at the sell-out event included people from the usual groups who use the venue regularly.

The Memorial Hall was 65 years old on June 1st. The afternoon began with an opening speech and a short history lesson from the Chairman, Ken Wattingham. This was followed by a presentation of through the year’s of the hall from David Hill, and a history lesson of the women’s Institute by the Chairlady Beverley Lennox. 

Prize Bingo followed that, plus some entertainment by Kate Atkins singing songs from through the year’s. 

Everyone enjoyed the afternoon and commented on how well the Trustee’s have done to make this a successful event.

In the evening a second event took place with people bringing in their own drink and nibbles. 

(Photo shared on social media by Cllr Pat Hamill )L to R: Cllr Sue Thorne (deputy mayor), Cllr Elaine Cooper, Cllr Yvonne Farrell (mayor), Cllr Pat Hamill, Cllr Sue Goodchild, Cllr Toni Ryan, Cllr Ken Wattingham

Ken Wattingham said, "On behalf of the Memorial Hall Trustee’s I would like to thank everyone who attended both our event’s and to everyone who as supported the Memorial Hall through the Year’s and helped to put the hall where it is today.

The Memorial Hall can be booked for an activity. These are the regular activities that are on:

The building was transferred to the Parish Council in August 1946 and is managed by a small committee of Trustees who meet on a regular basis. These include chairman Ken Wattingham, vice-chairman David Hill who put on a slideshow for this event, Lisa Brinkley, Alina Cheta, Julie Cawthorne, representatives from the Houghton Regis Town Council, Steven Riddell, Rosemary and Robert Paterson.

The Memorial Hall has undergone modernisation including sound, screen, PA system, new foyer, modern kitchen, improved car parking and new flooring and has benefited from grants from several sources.

Photos supplied by Memorial Hall trustees and friends.

All enquires can be made by the Hall's website: