Fly-tipping Integration Problems With Council's IT System

  • There are issues with how FixMyStreet app does not apparently integrate with Central Bedfordshire Council's (CBC) data collection system.

A debate on Fly-tipping by CBC took place on 9 June. Important listening as it helps you understand the thoughts of elected councillors and current thinking. 
There is an associated report that helps explain the questions raised by these unitary authority councillors.

Questions posed included:
◘ What about more cctv cameras?
◘ What about not charging for trade waste at HWRCs?
◘ What about householders taking photographs of their waste before the waste carrier takes it away, and holding the pictures on a centralised database, so if it's fly-tipped it might be matched up?
◘ What about the use of drone cameras?
◘ What is the easiest way for residents to report fly-tipping?

FixMyStreet Flytipping Incidents & Integration Problems at CBC

On a member of the public can report most issues, but at present, anyone wanting to report a fly-tipping incident in Central Bedfordshire is being redirected to another website to make their report.

The link for Flytipping reports, our reporting tool,  takes the user through to the CBC website, where a series of questions are asked about the site of the fly-tip, the nature of the fly-tipping waste, and requesting contact details of the person reporting the fly-tip.

A spokesperson for FixMyStreet said today, "Central Bedfordshire have a separate reporting form for flytipping using a system called Jadu, which is not integrated with FixMyStreet, like some Central Bedfordshire categories already are. They asked us to set it up so that people picking the flytipping category on FixMyStreet would be directed to their separate reporting system. We would like it if flytipping was a normal FixMyStreet category and could send the data directly to their system, as we do with some other categories, and we've been speaking to Central Bedfordshire about how that could be possible - I think we were awaiting any API information about how we could talk directly to Jadu."

A further debate will take place at CBC in September, but the consensus among councillors at this meeting was that they would prefer to persevere with and resolve the integration problems.

You can continue to report the following problems at or through the app: 
  • Bridges and Subways
  • Bus stops, benches, barriers
  • Crossings
  • Flooding and Blocked Drains
  • Bins and Graffiti
  • Grass, 
  • Trees, 
  • Verges and Weeds
  • Lighting
  • Pavements, Kerbs & Cycle Paths
  • Potholes and Road Surface
  • Rights of way - you are redirected to a CBC URL to report these.
  • Road Markings and Lining
  • Roadworks
  • Signs Damaged or Missing
  • Surface cover