Peel St Car Park – Experimental Order to be made Permanent

An experimental order for Off-Street Parking at Peel Street Houghton Regis, was discussed on Tuesday at a traffic management meeting of Central Bedfordshire Council. 

An off-street parking order was brought in by CBC to restrict parking to 2 hours as construction traffic at All Saints View was using the car park denying local people the opportunity to park.

The car park ideally serves visitors to the Peel Street surgery and to Bedford Square, but it is not a car park owned by Central Bedfordshire Council. Reading from the report to the hearing it seemed as though the temporary parking arrangements there would be withdrawn resulting in a free-for-all once again at the car park. Remarks in the report stated: 
  • Limiting the parking in this car park provides a challenge to satisfy all needs. Those that previously used the car park under previous restrictions are prevented unless an exemption is issued. The volume of the requests for exemptions, currently at 64 is considered by Highways disproportionate to the problem and resource intensive. 
  • The primary reason for the introduction of the restrictions was due to prevent construction workers preventing use by others and so, now this has stopped due to completion of Priory View it is felt the experiment should come to an end and the signs removed from site, with CBC notifying the landowner of this. 
  • Central Bedfordshire Council has no obligation to provide parking for staff of Bedford Sq or the Dr surgery and promote[s] active other sustainable modes of transport.

Cllr Pat Hamill requested by letter that the scheme continue while all Saints View Phase 2 is underway. Cllr Susan Goodchild told the hearing that the scheme was working very well, and spaces could be found by vulnerable people and wanted to see the scheme continuing.

Cllr Dalgarno said the scheme achieved what they wanted it to achieve, he had received thanks from local residents, no complaints, and recognised Phase 2 of the building construction was underway. He agreed that the temporary order should be made permanent