Former Special Constable Breached Police Standards During Relationship Breakdown

A former Special Constable has been placed on the barred list after admitting to harassing a previous partner following the breakdown of their relationship.

Dean Torr, who also previously worked in the Force Contact Centre, was initially investigated for stalking and harassment after he sent hundreds of text messages to his former partner including from his police-issued device after she blocked his personal phone.

He also was alleged to have turned up at her home in full uniform while on patrol and was aggressive to her new partner.

Mr Torr was arrested and cautioned for harassment and malicious communications in October last year. He resigned from his staff and Special Constable roles in April.

At an Accelerated Hearing held before Chief Constable Garry Forsyth at Force HQ in Kempston today (Wednesday) he was found to have breached the police Standards of Professional Behaviour for integrity and discreditable conduct and would have been dismissed without notice had he not already resigned.

Mr Forsyth said, “The public of Bedfordshire rightly have high expectations of police officers and staff members, as do I.  Former Special Constable Torr’s conduct in this case is such a clear and obvious departure from the required standards and Code of Ethics that no other sanction would be suitable.

“Anyone who perpetrates domestic abuse of any kind, including the stalking and harassment and malicious communications specific to this case, has no place in Bedfordshire or the wider policing family."