Cllr Yvonne Farrell takes on the role of Town Mayor for Houghton Regis 2022-23

A new mayor and deputy for Houghton Regis have been appointed by fellow Houghton Regis Town Councillors this evening as the council meets for its Annual Meeting.

Cllr David Jones nominated Cllr Yvonne Farrell and Cllr McMahon nominated Cllr Carroll. A vote was taken and Cllr Yvonne Farrell was duly appointed. 

Cllr Farrell thanked the outgoing mayor, Clare Copleston for her work during the past year and said they had had a lot of fun together. Yvonne told the meeting that she was elected in 2018 and had no inclination that she would one day be mayor. She promised to do her best for Houghton Regis and looks forward to the support of her fellow councillors and the council officers.

Once a former Secretary at The Barron Knights, Mayor Cllr Farrell claims a huge knowledge of the entertainment industry and is able to give advice and deliver entertainers of any description to worldwide destinations.

The outgoing mayor, Cllr Clare Copleston, raised £2,400.00  for her chosen charities, SSAFA  (the armed forces charity) and firefighters999 (the firefighters charity). Cllr Chris Slough offered a vote of thanks to Clare, touching on the work she did, mentioning a garden party, and All Saints Church. 

• The meeting was live on MS Teams

In response, Cllr Copleston said she attended over a hundred events as well as community groups and was overwhelmed by the humanity she witnessed on these occasions. During her term of office she took part in a New York tv programme where she could help explain to Americans the role of a UK mayor. She was very proud, she said, to promote networking in the town. She thanked the staff of the council for the incredible work they do. 

Mayor Cllr Yvonne Farrell's charities for the year will be:
Headway supporting people with brain damage

Cllr Farrell told the meeting that announcements would be made shortly about her fundraising events.

Nominations for deputy mayor were then considered.

Cllr David Jones nominated Cllr Sue Thorne for deputy mayor. Cllr Jimmy Carroll nominated Cllr Pam Burgess. A vote was taken and Cllr Sue Thorne was duly appointed deputy mayor. 

The newly appointed Mayor will hold the chain of office until the next Annual Meeting in 2023.