One-Way Proposals for Churchfield Road, Houghton Regis

Central Bedfordshire Council has written to residents at Churchfield Road suggesting that the road is made one-way only. 

Parking and negotiating the road has been made more difficult through the years since the road was built due to the growth of car ownership. 

The Council has been asked to consider making the road one-way, and at this stage has written to residents in an "informal manner to gauge feeling before progressing further".

This map indicates the intended traffic flow direction (green)
and 'No Waiting' restrictions (orange)

The proposals are described as: 
Churchfield Road — entry at its southern junction with Tithe Farm Road, travelling south west past All Saints Road, north-west past Dellmont Road, Hillside and Thorn View Road, north-west past Dell Road and finally exiting at its northernmost junction with Tithe Farm Road (opposite No. 72) – vehicles permitted to travel in that direction only.

Vehicles will be permitted to enter at the junction with Tithe Farm Road (opposite No. 64) but only for a distance of approximately 17 metres at which point they will be diverted north around the large- circular island between Churchfield Road and Tithe Farm Road.

Dellmont Road – this will remain two-way.

'No Waiting at Any Time' Restrictions - a whole series of parking restrictions are proposed as shown in orange in the map above, and these are detailed in this pdf file.

Have Your Say

The Council is inviting responses by 7 April 2022 to with Reference Number INF002 in the title line.

A council spokesperson said, “Please ensure you clearly state which proposal you are referring to, if this is both please separate comments clearly under different headings. We will then review these and a report will be taken to Traffic Management Meeting with a recommendation on how to progress. ”

Clearly, such a proposal, if implemented, would impact trade and other vehicles that use the road, as well as residents that live there.


Area Photographs taken in 2018:

The old bus-turnaround island on Tithe Farm Rd 

On Friday this week, a resident told Houghton Regis News Desk, “[The Council] signed this off on 17 March according to the notice,  but the letters didn't get to residents until yesterday [24 March] - with the deadline for comments on 07 April, and even then not everyone affected has got a letter.  I haven't, and the turning circle is opposite me!  Now everyone will park outside my house instead, cos I don't have lines, or a drop kerb.”

In 2019, Steve Searle commented on our Facebook post, “Car owners were a minority when the estates were designed and built, but society has changed within an environment with fixed boundaries.
You can't just tell people to "Have less cars" because all the dynamics work against that notion, mainly because employment and shopping are no longer within walking distance like they used to be.
Until then we have to make the best of it, how about installing "grasscrete" type paving until a better solution is found.
(I myself have previously mentioned this to various "estate officers" but I don't think I was worthy of comments).”

In 2016, Peter Baker commented on our Facebook Page, “I live on Churchfield Road and live at the top of the grass bank. Parking gets worse every year. Road needs to be wider with more parking available to people [who] live there and it needs to be turned into a 1-way street and a 20mph zone. The emergency services have trouble getting up Churchfield and bin trucks struggle every week. Something needs to be done ASAP."

Also, in 2016, Gill Zubricki wrote, “I agree about the parking in Churchfield Road. We have no chance of parking when we get home from work. The grass is ruined by the cars that have to park on the banks so why don't the Council just cut into the bottom of the bank to give parking both sides of the street.”

Maxine Mangan in 2016 wrote, “It's not surprising that parking is a nightmare. Nowadays each house has 2 maybe 3 cars and many people also bring work vehicles home. A few years ago the council wanted to make Churchfield road one way but residents objected.”

In 2012 town councillor R. Shimmin was on-site during thin surfacing works on Churchfield Road and questioned contractors regarding material going down on road surface. The contractor advised in winter 'you wouldn't want to drive down the hill,  it will be like an ice rink'. Cllr Shimmin then requested that some anti-skid also be put down to prevent accidents and advised a colleague that he felt the wrong material is being used for road surface if the contractors believe the surface will be unsafe in winter. 16/10/12 . A comment was subsequently added to Highway reports 17/10/2012 "The antiskid will be unnecessary on this type of surface. It will take two weeks minimum to embed properly. After this period we are happy to take a look. Thank you".

Query on Publication of this Consultation

This is an "informal consultation" - at the time of writing there is nothing on CBC website, but if there ever is it would be published, linked to their consultation page

Discuss this proposal with others before submitting your response to the Council

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