Farmstead Dog Groomer says “turnout has been really good” at Linmere's new Community Hub

  • The first business to open at Linmere's new community hub is settling in well at The Farmstead - with the owner saying customers are very impressed with her new premises.

Sarah King, who relocated her already popular Royals Dog Grooming from her garden in Houghton Regis to a swanky new parlour at the flagship site, says the reaction from her clientele has been "just wow!"

"The turnout has been really good. I'm getting new customers every day," she said. "People are saying they think it's amazing. They like the area and are all very impressed with my self-service dog baths, which will soon be up and running. Many of them are keen to try out the new café and bring their children to the park here too."

Customers are particularly enjoying one special feature of Royals Dog Grooming - photos of their fragrant, coiffed pooches wearing crowns sitting on thrones Sarah has installed at the salon.

"I'm now expanding that side as people love them so much.  I've just ordered some crowns for humans so I can offer photos with them and their dogs together. My husband thinks I'm crazy.

"I'm really enjoying it here. It's a better location as it's so much easier for people to find me - and they can combine it with a trip to Lidl and the other facilities here as they start to open up. We're very busy already - and looking forward to creating more custom as word gets around and as the Farmstead becomes better known."

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Royal's Dog Grooming, which is offering 20 per cent off for new customers, fits in perfectly with Linmere's wholesome outdoor vibe and its focus on encouraging residents to get out and about and engage in a healthy lifestyle.

The Farmstead also has rooms available for hire for community-focused events like yoga and children's clubs, as well as co-working facilities.

Linmere development director Ben Phillips added, "It's hugely rewarding for all who've been involved in this incredible project to watch this new heart of the community burst into life. Over the coming weeks and months, more and more activities will be taking place here at the Farmstead. The opening of the café and the first party to be booked at the community hall are just two of the exciting happenings on the very near horizon."

A third of the overall 650-acre site will not be developed and will be managed in a way that allows natural habitats to thrive.

In total around 5,150 homes will be built over the next 15 years by the Linmere consortium which comprises master planners Lands Improvement, Aviva Investors, and the Diocese of St Albans.

The development will also see the creation of two new state of the art primary schools and an extension to Houghton Regis' existing Thornhill Primary school. A ten-form secondary school will open in 2022/3. 

(top picture) Sarah King and are team are seeing huge interest in the new Royals Dog Grooming parlour which recently opened at Linmere's Farmstead community hub, with photos of the canine clients proving very popular!