In January 2021, Keaveney, Assistant Director Housing Services, Social Care, Health & Housing Directorate told Houghton Regis Town Partnership that he would be engaging with local people about building '100 homes' at Windsor Drive, Houghton Regis, indicating that the engagement would be in the late spring / early summer of 2021.

HRND asked CBC for an update this week. CBC communications team has responded on 02/02/2022 as follows:

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokesperson said: “The Council remains committed to involving the public should it get to the stage where any proposals are developed.

“We held a listening event in November where we heard from local people about how they use Windsor Drive, and how they would like to see it used in the future, and we’ve had conversations with Ward and Town Councillors. During the sessions, a number of people asked questions about what is possible with the land and which parts of the site, if any, could be built on. We are in the process of commissioning site investigations for the coming months to help us understand this, which will inform the next steps. We will continue to engage with the public once we have a better understanding.”

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