Plant a Tree for the Jubilee + A Living Christmas Tree for Houghton Regis

  • Houghton Regis Town Council's Environment and Leisure Committee this evening considered the possibility of planting a tree that could become the town's Christmas Tree in five to 6 years time.
  • Fruit trees to be planted on The Village Green

Every year a tree is cut down, transported to the boundary of Bedford Square in Houghton Regis Town Centre, and towards Christmas a lights-switch-on event takes place. Later the tree is taken down and transported away. The main idea of a living christmas tree is that it might save the Town Council some expense at having to have a cut tree down every year. 

The Head of Grounds pointed out to councillors that when a tree is cut down, their supplier plants a new tree, and later the used tree is chipped, so it wasn't an entire waste. 

Head of Grounds also suggested that the council would need to purchase a 6-8ft high tree that would grow at approximately 1-2ft per annum. A tree of that size would have a higher chance of surviving any relocation compared to larger more established trees. 

A suitable location for the new tree was suggested as being on the line of trees near the crossing at The Green in the middle of town.

There was some concern about location and safety for people during a lights switch-on event, as well as the prospect of closing the road off.

Other sites were considered: near the memorial, or on a triangle of land close to All Saints View, but in the end members agreed to go ahead with the suggested location of The Green. 

Plant a Tree for the Jubilee

Members then went on to consider and approve enhancement changes outlined for the Village Green. 

Funding has been confirmed to the Town Council for a project to create a new pedestrian access point in the railing bounding the Village Green and East End. Additionally, seating and soft landscaping will be done, as well as the planting of fruit-bearing trees. Apple and pear were mentioned.

The 'Plant a Tree for the Jubilee' is a national initiative as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Funding was applied for and agreed for 5 trees (fruit-bearing) and willow hedging. These trees will be used to commemorate the Jubilee. In addition, a town centre based welcome back event will take place. Members agreed with this work and the Town Clerk indicated that this work could take place over the next month.