Central Beds Council Launches New Domestic Abuse Strategy

  • Following a public consultation, Central Bedfordshire Council has launched its new Domestic Abuse Strategy for 2022 – 2025. 

The Council’s Vision is for Central Bedfordshire to be a great place to live and work, in which children, young people, women and men can live free of fear, violence and abuse. The strategy outlines the Council’s five strategic aims to help achieve that vision and focuses on the importance of working with partners to prevent domestic abuse and provide support for victims.

The Strategy also details how the Council will provide Safe Accommodation as outlined in the new Domestic Abuse Act 2021. This means the Council will ensure all victims are supported to remain safe in their own home if they wish to and it is safe to do so, or to help them access alternative accommodation and support.

Cllr Sue Clark, Executive Member for Families, Education and Children, said: “We are really pleased to launch our new strategy, as breaking the cycle of domestic abuse continues to be an important focus for us. Everyone should be able to live free of fear, violence and abuse and we are committed to supporting those who find themselves in an abusive relationship and holding those who harm to account.

“Domestic abuse can happen to anyone and can take many forms. It can have a devastating and long-lasting impact on victims and families. Providing Safe Accommodation will help to keep families safe and help to break the cycle of abuse." 

The new strategy is available to read here.

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