£19 million funding boost for schools in Central Bedfordshire to level up education

Schools in Central Bedfordshire will receive £19 million in extra funding this year, as part of a £4 billion funding boost from the Government across the country.

Funding per pupil will increase nationally by five per cent in real terms from this year, giving significant increases for every pupil in every school.

A record £1 billion extra will be spent to support pupils with special educational needs and disabilities, so that all young people can reach their full potential. 

Andrew Selous MP has welcomed the news that schools in Central Bedfordshire will receive £254 million in funding this year, a boost of £19 million as part of the Government’s £4 billion increase in spending for schools across the country. 

The £4 billion extra funding for school delivers on the Prime Minister’s commitment when entering Downing Street, when he pledged to level up school funding by pledging over £14 billion for primary and secondary schools by 2022-23. 

The £19 million extra funding can use for hiring specialist teachers, providing training, and purchasing school supplies including textbooks. 

The total extra funding for schools means mainstream schools will receive £41.7 billion in 2022-23, an increase of 5.8 per cent per pupil. Every primary school will receive at least £4,362 per pupil, and every secondary school at least £5,669 per pupil. 

Andrew Selous MP has also commended the Government’s targeted £1 billion boost to funding for special educational needs and disabilities, which is a record 13 per cent increase on this year’s funding. 

The extra funding will help schools, councils, and other specialist providers provide the right care and support for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities – so that every child receives the help they need to learn and fulfil their potential. 

The increases in school funding follow the investment of nearly £5 billion in education recovery, which includes £1.5 billion on tutoring in schools and colleges across the country to help children and young people catch up on lost learning during the pandemic.

Commenting, Andrew Selous MP said, “No child or young person should be limited by where they grow up – they should be supported to get a world-class education at school.

“The £19 million funding boost for schools in Central Bedfordshire will help them to hire more teachers, get materials to support pupils learning, and support pupils with special needs and disabilities. 

“As we build back fairer, this funding will ensure every young person can receive the education they deserve so they can fulfil their potential.”

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