Please Register Your Off-Road Vehicle, requests MP Selous

South West Bedfordshire MP, Andrew Selous, encourages constituents to register their off-road vehicles

South West Bedfordshire MP, Andrew Selous, has welcomed the news that off-road vehicles can be registered with the DVLA free of charge and with relative ease. 

It is essential to get off-road vehicles registered, given that much of the anti-social behaviour arising from off-road motorcycle activity is carried out by individuals who have stolen such vehicles. 

Criminals usually target these vehicles due to the lack of registration; as a result, when they are seized, it cannot be proven that they do not belong to the rider, nor can the vehicle be returned to its rightful owner.


Commenting, Andrew Selous MP said, ““It is deeply concerning to learn that most anti-social behaviour from off-road vehicles occurs from stolen vehicles. Therefore, I encourage my constituents in possession of an off-road vehicle to register them with the DVLA as soon as possible and motorcycle dealers across the country to encourage their customers to register new off-road vehicles when they are purchased. It is important to note that the registration does not require it to be taxed, tested, or insured. I am also sure that it would be easier to place these vehicles on home insurance if it is legally registered. 

“Ensuring that said vehicles are registered will not only mean that stolen vehicles can be returned to their rightful owner but will also deter criminal activity. Consequently, I believe communities and law-abiding motorcycle users can come together to stop anti-social and illegal activity.”

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