DVLA / HGV Problems Highlighted in House of Commons by Andrew Selous, MP

A question poised in the House of Commons by local MP, Andrew Selous has brought to light the problems being faced by HGV drivers.

Mr Selous called for “an urgent debate on the need for an efficient service from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to get our heavy goods vehicle drivers back on the roads”.

Andrew explained, “ My constituent, Mr Martin Hewitt, has had eight letters from his local hospital or his GP go missing at the DVLA. That has kept him off the road, it means that he cannot earn, and it puts further pressure on our supply chains.”

It was left to Jacob Rees-MoggJacob, Lord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons, to respond, “The situation facing Mr Hewitt is clearly a failure, and I am glad that my hon. Friend has raised it on the Floor of the House.

“ I will send an extract from Hansard to DVLA, so that it is aware of this particular case once Hansard is published. 

“However, there is good news from DVLA that the additional online services and additions to staff have meant extra space in Swansea and Birmingham to house more staff to reduce waiting times. DVLA has been apologetic for the delays that have been created in returning people’s documentation, but with the 32 short, medium and long-term interventions that the Government have taken to help to tackle the global driver shortage, we now have over 90% more testing spaces available for HGV drivers on a weekly basis. So the HGV problem is being tackled, things are beginning to change and I understand that DVLA is beginning to get to grips with its backlog, but that is not very satisfactory for Mr Hewitt.”

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