CBC on their way to supporting the planting of a million trees

A Big Green Thank You: Central Bedfordshire Council Celebrates National Tree Week

Central Bedfordshire Council is supporting National Tree Week, the UK’s largest annual tree celebration by thanking schools and community groups who have received tree grants this year.

National Tree Week marks the start of the winter tree planting season, encouraging people to get people out planting trees around the country and reminding everyone how important trees are to our lives.

To date, approaching £50,000 from the dedicated tree grant scheme has enabled 1,500 plus trees to be planted and, over 2.5km of new hedgerow laid.  Up to 12,000 trees are due to be planted this season.

Tree planting grants remain open, and applicants are encouraged to apply and plant trees and hedges to celebrate the Queen’s Green Canopy project. Projects can vary in size from at least 5 trees, up to larger areas of new woodland. £125,000 is available to enable tree and hedge planting.

Successful projects have been brought forward by a range of groups, organisations, and schools.  These include Teasel who received a grant for replacement fruit trees at Etonbury Community Orchard and South Bedfordshire Friends of the Earth who worked with residents in Leighton Linslade on planting in residential open spaces.

Sandy Town Council has also planted trees at a number of recreational spaces across the town and St Augustine’s School in Dunstable, have used a grant from the council to plant trees and hedging that will help them to become a forest school.

Councillor Steven Dixon, Executive Member for Sustainability, said, “Trees and hedging are an essential resource and provide many environmental as well as physical and mental health benefits. They help improve the health of communities and provide homes for wildlife not only now but for many generations to come.

“I would encourage any group interested in taking their first step towards a more sustainable Central Bedfordshire to apply for a grant on the council’s website.”

CBC's Sustainability Plan, climate resilience and the environment of Central Bedfordshire are at the heart of the 2050 Vision; the Council’s objective is to support the planting of 1 million trees by 2030.                                                 

Example Plantings:
  • Teasel Project planted seven fruit trees.
  • Moor Pond Residents Association planted 101 plants for a boundary hedge.
  • South Bedfordshire Friends of the Earth planted five apple and three plum trees.

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