Cllr Ryan Demands Change with CBC Children's Services

A Central Bedfordshire local councillor, Parkside's Toni Ryan, says she is demanding change with CBC Children's Services.

Cllr Ryan said, "At the Extraordinary Children Services Meeting on 7 October, called by the ombudsman after the failing of another child, Councillor Clark stated to press that we (CBC) are at rock bottom. This is 2 years after the damning Ofsted. 

"We, as the Council agreed to invest £1.1 million, and both parents and our partners have not seen any change in the service. The Conservative administration need to start to lead and put people in place that can, not just their friends. 

"So at the recent Full Council meeting I asked the leader to put his reputation on the line and say he had faith that the service can be turned around in readiness for the imminent inspection. 

"The answer was non committal."

"A long speech full of sound and fury" was how opposition councillor, Adam Zerny,  summed up a motion proposed on Thursday by Cllr Sue Clark, Executive Member for Families, Education and Children. 

Cllr Clark's motion called for  "a whole Council approach to support our children with SEND and their families," on Thursday evening.