Cawley’s Partners with Linmere in Houghton Regis to Collect Commercial Waste

An upcoming Houghton Regis-based housing development, Linmere, has partnered with waste management business Cawleys to manage the waste generated by its planned community hub.

The arrangement will mean that the majority of the waste produced at the new community hub — The Farmstead — will either be recycled or treated through energy from waste (EfW).

Cawleys will focus on “giving new life” to waste through sustainable recycling and resource management. The arrangement will mean the majority of the waste produced at the Farmstead will either be recycled or converted into energy. Unusual uses for the rubbish include transforming coffee grounds from the new cafe into logs for wood-burning stoves.

Cawleys, one of the largest family-run waste management companies in East Anglia, the South Midlands and the South East, has an impressive processing site that handles around 1,200 tonnes of waste a day. It is equipped with more than 3km of conveyor belts, uses high tech optical detectors to separate plastic from paper and state-of-the-art magnetic technology to sort metals.

The Farmstead waste will be repurposed in a number of ways:

  • Paper and card will be graded and baled before being sent to a paper mill to be pulped and eventually made into new paper.
  • Plastics will be shredded or granulated to produce a ‘regrind’ material which can be recycled into new plastic products.
  • Metals will be sorted into ferrous and non-ferrous materials and then melted and reformed into new metal products.
  • Glass will be crushed, mixed and melted to create new glass items or used in building materials.

Anna Cawley, Cawleys’ customer services director, said, “Being chosen as Linmere’s recycling partner is a huge honour. The local community is very close to our hearts and being part of this new community from the very start means we can help the development grow in a sustainable way by ensuring all the waste generated from the new Farmstead hub is recycled to its maximum capacity.

“Our state-of-the-art materials recycling facility is at the very heart of our ethos of ensuring waste is put to good use and the fact that we are local and waste miles can be kept to a minimum is another bonus.”

Food waste is anaerobically digested, creating green energy often exported to the National Grid.

The waste management service will collect from all areas of the Farmstead – the community hall, the café, and other retailers, along with the bins near the children’s play area.

Household waste on Linmere will be dealt with separately via the usual local council recycling service.

The first Linmere residents moved into their new homes in the summer. A new Lidl supermarket opens on Thursday, 4th November.

In total around 5,150 homes will be built over the next 15 years by the Linmere consortium which comprises master planners Lands Improvement, Aviva Investors, and the Diocese of St Albans.

Linmere will see the creation of two brand new state of the art primary schools and an extension to Houghton Regis' existing Thornhill Primary school. A ten-form secondary school will open in September 2022. 

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