Town Partnership Committee Abandoned Due to Being Inquorate

A scheduled meeting of Houghton Regis Town Partnership did not take place last night due to the committee being inquorate. 

At least 3 Members from each Council must be in attendance for the meeting to be quorate, but, for CBC, only Cllr Hammil and Cllr Goodchild were present.

The Agenda had included items on 
• Time-to-Connect, 
• Kingsland Levelling Up Fund bid,  
• an update including ASV, The Brook, Windsor Drive engagement, 
• consultation into the future use of the Community Centre, 
• CBC Report, and Partnership Work Plan.

Meetings of this committee are ordinarily held 4 times a year.

The Town Clerk at Houghton Regis Town Council has commented, “It will be rearranged in the next few weeks.”

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