CBC - “Come and Talk to Us About Windsor Drive“

  • Central Bedfordshire Council is asking residents about Windsor Drive.

On it's Facebook Page, today (28 Oct) CBC wrote, “We want to hear from you about the land at Windsor Drive, Houghton Regis, and the need for housing in the area.

“Earlier this year we announced that we were exploring whether we could develop affordable housing on some the land, while improving some of the remaining space to benefit the local community.

“While we’ve said that we want to explore this as an option, no decisions have been made, and we want to listen to the views of local people before we take these ideas any further. 

“We’ll be holding an informal listening event at Houghton Hall Park Visitor Centre on Saturday 13 November, 12 – 5pm, and we’d love to hear from you. 

“Come along at any point and have a chat with our team. Representatives from our team will also be  walking around Windsor Drive itself at 3pm, starting near The Brook, and will be on hand to listen to your views.”

Joanne Anderson, an admin on the Facebook Group, Friends of Windsor Drive Community Open Space, responded to the appeal by commenting, “There’s over 500 members in The Friends of Windsor Drive group, but there’s always room for new members. Help us to make Central Bedfordshire Council listen, because they are obviously not, and join the group ❤️”

Campaigner, Danielle Melissa Osborne, also commented on the CBC post, “This is quite laughable Central Bedfordshire Council you want a listening event but you haven’t listened to date? Why will this be different? We’ve been trying to get you to listen since you announced your pre-determined plans about building on Windsor Drive!

“There is a petition of over 1500 residents telling you they don’t want it built on, why don’t you listen to that? Why don’t you listen to the anger there is from the people of Houghton Regis and just withdraw the plans?

“We need this space more than ever with increasing mental health concerns of our area, the deprivation in our area due to lack of infrastructure but yet you keep building and building with absolutely no thought to the people who already live here!

“I yet again look forward to meeting the Cbc officers who want to do this and actually don’t live here or know anything about what’s going on I look forward to educating you on what it’s really like here and not from behind your desks with a computer telling you the information 👍🏻”

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