Wildlife Trusts BCN in discussions to manage Houghton Regis Chalk Pit

All Saints Academy, centre, above the Marl Lake.
High Street North, Dunstable top right. Photo: M Murphy

Central Bedfordshire Council has been in discussions with the Wildlife Trusts Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire Northamptonshire (Wildlife Trusts BCN)  regarding the management of Houghton  Regis Chalk Pit.

A Section 106 agreement is in place with developers at Bidwell West to provide capital funds to help manage the Chalk Pit. According to the July S106 Parish Report for Houghton Regis CBC is now holding over £820,000 for 'Quarry Maintenance' *.

A council spokesperson said today (21/9/21), Under the terms of the S106 agreement the former quarry will remain in private ownership, with the Council responsible for arranging use of the funds received from that agreement to manage the site.

Officers have now undertaken a site visit with  Wildlife Trusts BCN who was previously engaged to manage the site directly by the owner. Following this, we have started a discussion with the Trust on terms for them to recommence management of the site. This includes developing a new management plan for the site that will form the basis for how funds will be used to support improving the site in years to come.”


Houghton Regis News Desk has received enquiries from potential volunteers who would like to help in the maintenance of the site. It is suggested that such volunteers might consider making themselves known to the Wildlife Trusts BCN, by contacting them through their website.

* see items marked 'Maint of former quarry adjacent HRN2' (see this linked report)

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 2/2/22- This is the latest Chalk Pit information on HRND.

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