Phoning Your GP: Selous Takes Up GP 'Abuse' Concerns

  • What to do when you're frustrated at not being able to get through to your GP surgery

In an exchange in Parliament yesterday (14th Sept), Andrew Selous MP took up concerns that GPs are receiving abuse when their clients cannot get through to them at the surgery on the telephone. Sajid Javid Secretary of State for Health and Social Care said that people who were having problems getting through to the surgery should contact the clinical commissioning group.

Andrew Selous The Second Church Estates Commissioner, “Covid has been tough for all health professionals, so will the Secretary of State wholeheartedly condemn the abuse that some GPs have been suffering recently? If vulnerable people are unable to get through on the telephone to their surgery, should it be the clinical commissioning group or the Department that steps in to try to sort that out?”

Sajid Javid Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, “I join my hon. Friend in condemning anyone who gives abuse to our fantastic GPs up and down the country. If someone cannot get through to their GP, they should try their clinical commissioning group. If for any reason that does not work, they should please come to the Department and consult Ministers.”

To make a complaint to Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning group the email address is , alternatively telephone Patient Enquiries and Complaints 01525 624275. 

For further information about making a complaint go to blmkccg

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