Get Involved: Houghton Hall Park Constituted Friends Group

The team at Houghton Hall Park are looking to set up a Houghton Hall park constituted friends group and would welcome your involvement as local residents who enjoy using the parks facilities.

By initiating this group it will form an independent constitution to vote in its own committee members deciding on aims and objectives on topics such as advancing the parks development by improving wildlife habitats, enhancing community engagement by educating people about conservation and heritage projects. They will help organise events and network with like-minded groups in the area
Money raised will be for the benefit of the park including education, learning opportunities and development of skills.
The meeting will be held at Houghton Hall Park from 10am – 11.30  on Thursday 7th October and chaired by Steve Halton, Senior Countryside Officer.

Nominations for the management committee will be elected for positions : Chairperson, treasurer, secretary, and vice chairperson
The committee will meet a minimum of twice a year or as frequently as is required to ensure all aims and objectives are met
Please contact Jenny Osborne if you would like to attend or for any further information:
0300 300 6093

Many thanks for your continued support.
The Houghton Hall Park Team

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