Concerns over Houghton Regis Cashpoint Fraud

  • A concerned resident writing on the Nextdoor Crime and Safety platform has warned people about the experience he had at a Morrison's cashpoint machine in Houghton Regis on Wednesday.

Dave Croose wrote*, “Today I was at Morrisons at 5.30pm came out to take some cash out from the teller machine. My card got stuck there was a black African male on the next teller machine and he was able to withdraw 10000.00 pounds with £250.00 in 4 times. This guy was trying to help me saying that the last lady  too had the same issue. Asking me to pin my number and pressing the enter key. Finally, the guy rushed [off]. My card did not come out I called the bank from that place and cancelled the card.
When I came home checking  my balance  £1000.00 pounds gone.”

Dave warns people, “DO NOT TAKE MONEY FROM ANY DOUBLE TELLER  MACHINES. Better to take cash  from the bank.”

The bank is said to be investigating the issue. 

The description given was:
Person 1, Hair: black, Top: red shirt , 
Bottom: light brown trousers 
Shoes: did not notice 
Age: 35
Sex: male
Ethnicity: Black African black short hair red shirt. light brown trousers.
Build: Well built

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Advice on Staying Safe at Cashpoints

Action Fraud issue this general advice about cashpoint machines:
Never share your debit or credit card PIN with anyone. If you see anything unusual about the cash machine or it’s been tampered with, don’t use it and report it to the bank as soon as possible.

When using the ATM:

  • cover your PIN as you type it
  • stand close to the machine
  • use your free hand and body to shield the keypad as you enter your PIN
  • This will prevent any prying eyes or hidden cameras seeing your PIN.

Further Tips:
  • Don’t get distracted. Be particularly cautious if seemingly well-meaning strangers talk to you or offer to help while you’re using the ATM.

  • If they’re persistent, simply cancel the transaction and discreetly put your card away. Fraudsters sometimes fit devices to cash machines that trap your card, or ‘eat’ it, which they then retrieve as soon as you’ve left the area.

  • If an ATM eats your card for any reason, report it to your card company straight away, ideally using your mobile while you’re still in front of the machine.

  • Make sure you store your card company’s 24-hour contact number on your phone.

  • Once you’ve completed a transaction put your money and card away before leaving the cash machine.

  • Destroy or ideally shred your cash-machine receipts, mini-statements or balance enquiries when you’ve finished with them.

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