Houghton Regis children’s home rated Good with Outstanding Features by Ofsted

Report follows two day inspection last month

Managers and staff at Kingfishers Children’s Home in Houghton Regis have been praised for their work in the home’s latest Ofsted report.

The inspection, which took place over two days in July, culminated in the home being rated as ‘good’ with outstanding features – namely the effectiveness of leaders and managers.

The three categories assessed during the inspection were: 

  • the overall experiences and progress of children and young people rated as ‘good’
  • how well children and young people are helped and protected, rated as ‘good’ 
  • the effectiveness of leaders and managers rated as outstanding
In their final report, Ofsted said: “The manager is dynamic and inspirational in her style of leadership. She is highly experienced, long-serving and suitably qualified. She is well supported by two deputy managers. Together, they ensure that meeting children’s needs is paramount throughout the care provided.”

The report praised the staff at the home, highlighting that they have “…an in-depth understanding of each child who regularly stays and takes great pride in providing positive and fun experiences. The children benefit greatly from a stable staff team that is attuned to their individual needs.”

Kingfishers Children’s Home provides short breaks for children with learning and/or physical disabilities from ages 8 to 18. Ofsted’s report noted that children make good progress and flourish during their long stays or short breaks, with staff dedicated to providing care that celebrates each child’s individual personality and needs.

The report also highlighted the high level of supervision given to children at the home and the good, trusting relationships the children develop with the staff. It noted that children are safe and happy during their stays, with one parent saying, “When he is at the home, it is the only time that I can relax. I know that he is 100% safe there. The staff have given so much support. They are amazing.”

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