'Street Tag' Launches 1st August

Central Bedfordshire Council has announced a new initiative to encourage active lifestyles and help residents to discover and explore their local areas, parks and green spaces by walking, running or cycling by using a fun new game. 

Launching on 1 August 2021, Street Tag is a fun, free, family-friendly game that enables players to collect points by using their smartphones to scan virtual tags. The tags can be found in various locations across Central Bedfordshire, including in areas surrounding parks and open spaces, libraries, leisure centres and other areas of interest.  The app will log any activity completed by participants, and it will show on a range of competitive community and school leader boards. 

Schools will have the opportunity to compete in a local Central Bedfordshire Schools Street Tag League, while residents in small groups of six or less will compete against other families or groups on a Community Leader Board. 

Leader boards are active for 14-16 weeks and within that time participants can compete with each other to be top of their leader board and earn rewards for their efforts. Then the fun starts again. 

Cllr Tracey Stock, Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing and Communities said, “Street Tag is a great way for residents to not only get active but to also explore some of the great places and facilities that Central Bedfordshire has to offer. 

“Our communities have faced many challenges during the pandemic – and that includes becoming or staying active. We are committed to delivering our new Physical Activity Strategy in Central Bedfordshire, encouraging people to be active every day. Street Tag is just one of the programmes we are introducing to help get and keep residents more active.

“By turning Central Bedfordshire into a virtual playground, residents will be rewarded for the amount of activity they undertake whilst getting fit, having fun and competing with family and friends.”

Seun Oshinaike, Founder of Street Tag said: "We are excited to be forging partnerships that help families and communities get physically active in a fun, sustainable and accessible way.

“Street Tag is both a fun and highly competitive game with the opportunity for people to engage in a variety of activities and competitions using their smartphones.”


As part of the Council’s Vision for Central Bedfordshire 2050, one central aim is to be a place where it is easy to feel healthy and happy; both mentally and physically, providing opportunities for residents to be physically active. Street Tag is just one of the ways the council hopes to achieve this.

For more information on Street Tag, visit www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/street-tag or www.streettag.co.uk and download the app on the Play Store, and App Store. You can also search for Street Tag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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