Public Consultation Over Proposed Solar Farm

Enso Energy is proposing to develop a solar farm and battery storage facility on land between Houghton Regis and Toddington, near to Tebworth.

The site is made up of two parcels of land; one to the north east and one to the south west of Tebworth comprising approximately 62 hectares of land. While there are no statutory landscape, heritage or ecological designations on site, as part of their site surveys and further assessments they will be considering these matters carefully in developing their proposals alongside the feedback received. Access to the north eastern part of the site will be from Chalgrave Road whilst access to the south western parcel of the site will be using existing field access off the A5 (Watling Street).

The company say the proposed solar farm would provide renewable electricity for distribution to the National Grid. The proposal would generate a significant amount of energy each year of the proposed 40-year operational life, while also providing significant CO₂ savings when compared to generation of electricity by non-renewable sources.

The battery storage facility will supply electricity to the local electricity network at times of peak energy demand and help make the renewable energy output of the solar farm a secure and reliable part of the UK energy supply.

The project is at an early stage, and the company would like your views on the development proposals.

What Are the Benefits? 

Enso Energy list the benefits as:

  • Assisting Central Bedfordshire Council to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with local, national and international targets and the declared Climate Emergency. 
  • The project will support the UK’s urgent need to transition to a low carbon future, producing significant amounts of renewable energy. 
  • At the end of the solar farm’s life (40 years) all equipment can be easily dismantled, removed from site and largely recycled. 
  • A solar farm allows agricultural land to rest for the period of operation and the land use is reversed back to agriculture at the end of the project life. 
  • A scheme of landscape and ecological improvements will be prepared, ensuring the project provides a biodiversity net gain. 
  • A solar farm gives land the opportunity for multiple uses. In addition to renewable energy production, solar farms can continue to be grazed by sheep and support biodiversity with wildflowers sown around the site. 
  • Construction is anticipated to be complete in approximately 6 months.
  • The proposed solar farm will not require Government subsidy.

Public Consultation Event

Please consider attending on Tuesday 20th of July 2021 from 2pm - 6.30pm
You are invited to attend the public consultation event, view the plans, learn more about the proposal and talk to the project team.

Event at: 
Chalgrave Memorial Hall Wingfield Road, Tebworth, Bedfordshire, LU7 9QQ

Consultation Via Post

Download the residents brochure, fill in the Feedback form, and post back to Freepost, ENSO ENERGY. Post by Tuesday 27 July 2021

Consultation Via Email

Download the residents brochure, copy the text below, fill in your answers, and email it by Tuesday 27 July 2021

Your Title:
Your Name:
1. Has this local resident brochure been helpful in understanding our proposal? Yes : No : Not sure
2. With regards to the proposals you have read about within this brochure, are you:
In favour; In objection; Of no opinion
3. Provide any comments on the proposal. Your feedback is welcome on all aspects of the emerging design shown in the brochure.

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