Name of New Academy Announced | Information Event in August

On Friday, Advantage Schools announced the name of their new school opening in Houghton Regis. “Houstone” was the name of Houghton Regis in the Domesday book 935 years ago. It was selected from a shortlist of suggestions in a community engagement exercise also circulated on local social media. The community liked the historic and geographic significance and so they have named the school after that.

For clarity the pronunciation is “how-stone”.

There were 356 responses asking for feedback to the suggested ideas on three potential names. Comments included,
“Houstone seems appropriate and distinctive as it is the historic name for Houghton Regis.”
“I think this one is so much better than the other two. Unusual, classy and original with a bit of history. Great choice.”
“I very much like this name. It has some history behind it which will give the school some unique character. Not to mention the name of the school can help students take pride in their local community.”

Chief Executive of Advantage Schools, Stuart Lock said, “I am grateful to the hundreds of community members who contributed to this community engagement event and thank them for helping us to name the school. There were some excellent names put forward, but the overwhelming favourite was Houston.

“Of course, a name is one thing, but the real test will be founding a brilliant new school, with standards of teaching, curriculum and conduct that the local community deserve. It is that which we aspire to do, and I invite you all to find out more via our new website, under construction. There will be further announcements on our Facebook Page and on Twitter.”

Advantage Schools say they are delighted to be opening Houstone School next year. They are aware that many local families are eager to access an excellent new local school, and that is what they are determined to deliver. The academy is expected to be open in Houghton Regis for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 in September 2022. It will be located on the Kingsland site in the Parkside area of Houghton Regis.

The secondary school is currently being built. The photographs on this page were taken today (17 July 2021).

Family Information Event

A Family Information Event has been arranged for 7:30pm to 8:30pm 17th August 2021. Mr Stuart Lock, the Chief Executive of Advantage Schools, will be joined Mr Campbell, the Chief Operating Officer, Mrs Stanton, the Director of Education, and Mrs Herron, the founding vice-principal at Advantage Schools Outstanding Bedford Free School. The staff at advantage want to share their exciting plans to establish a truly exceptional school that they hope will model high expectations of conduct and achievement for all pupils.

Families can register for this event here.

Aerial view - The site is centre of this picture on 18/7/2021.

Keeping In Contact With Advantage


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