Get Your Children to Join this Year’s Summer Reading Challenge

Central Bedfordshire Libraries are calling for children to discover a wild reading adventure at their local library, during the 2021 Summer Reading Challenge.

This year the theme is Wild World Heroes, with a nature-themed challenge, supported by the World Wildlife Fund.

The challenge is launched in their libraries on 23 July and will run until 11 September.

To take part, all children need to do is sign up at their nearest library at any time during the challenge. Children must be a member of their library service.

To participate, children of all ages just need to read any six library books of their choice over the summer - books may be borrowed from a local library, requested via the library Select and Collect service or children can use e-books, magazines and audiobooks available from the Virtual Library.

Participants will receive rewards along the way: 
stickers, a bookmark for reading two books, 
a pencil for reading for 4 books, 
and the ultimate reward will be a certificate and medal for those children who complete their six books by Saturday 11 September. 

And children who complete the challenge will be entered into a lucky dip at their library for the chance to win a Kindle Fire tablet.

There will also be fun activities along the way, such as craft activities available from your local library or online. There will also be a number of other exciting events and activities planned for families during the summer holidays, which will be advertised on the Virtual Library or follow the libraries on Facebook. - Search for: CBCLibraries

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