Full Application for 59 Affordable Homes Off Bedford Road's New Roundabout

A site close to Thorn Road and Bedford Road could be redeveloped for affordable housing (What is Affordable Housing?), including the redesign of a roundabout to accomodate a site entry point, if planning permission is given. Plans have been submitted to Central Bedfordshire Council by FSG Estates Ltd of Milton Keynes to erect 59 affordable dwellings. The site is opposite Dunstablians Rugby Football Club in the west. Plans to redevelop other nearby sites are already well advanced or under construction.

The site was known as ALP257 The Turn, Bedford Road, Bidwell, consisting of 1.5426 hectares and was identified as potential residential land in Central Bedfordshire's Call for Sites when they were looking for sites to include in their Local Plan. In July 2017 the site to be excluded from the Local Plan process but was to be considered as part of the larger submission ALP260. This Full application seeks to develop the site on it's own.

See on Houghton Regis' Places Map

Existing hedgelines separate the site from the surrounding Bidwell West developments, of which this is not a part. Construction proposed for this new site is at a density of development of 35 –40dph, and for 2 –3 storey buildings.

The site in the wider context of Upper Thorn Green:

The site will require a fourth exit from the new roundabout. From the Design and Access statement:

Registration Date: 21 / 07 / 2021
Parish Name: Houghton Regis
Location: Hand Post Field north of Thorn Road Houghton Regis
Statutory Class: Small Scale Major Dwellings 10-199
Proposal: Residential development of 59 affordable dwellings with associated works including the re-configuration of the roundabout to create a fourth arm and form the vehicular access
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