Housing Association Acquires 9.8 acres for over 140 Homes On Linmere Site

Artist's partial aerial-view of the completed AMP1 scheme at Linmere. 

  • Stonebond Properties acquires 9.8 acres to deliver 202 homes at Linmere development in Houghton Regis

Housing developer Stonebond Properties, in partnership with housing association Settle, has completed the purchase of a 9.8-acre site on a new 650-acre urban village development next to Houghton Regis in Bedfordshire.

The site will provide 202 homes, with 70% of them being delivered as additional affordable homes, a mixed tenure parcel combining 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom properties, including 86 shared ownership and 56 for affordable rent. Start on site is due in Spring 2022 with completion expected in Autumn 2025.  

Residents will benefit from the area's proximity to one of the many green spaces for which Linmere will be known - the Ouzel linear park, a wildlife haven and walking area.

The plot is the fourth parcel to be sold in phase one of the new Linmere development, which is being created over the next 15 years by the Houghton Regis Management Company (HRMC), a consortium comprising master planners Lands Improvement, Aviva Investors, and the Diocese of St Albans.

Bellway Homes and Barratt Homes are already building around 600 units between them.  The first homes are due for occupation in Autumn 2021. 

Linmere development director Nigel Reid said, "We are delighted that Stonebond will be joining us as the third developer at Linmere. The investment by Stonebond Properties in the development and the new homes they will create with their partners means the Linmere community will continue to grow in a hugely positive way."

Richard Cherry, co-chairman at Stonebond added: "Linmere is a great example of how beneficial partnerships can be in creating new destinations and we're delighted to have acquired the fourth parcel with settle.  We look forward to playing our part in delivering much needed affordable new homes to the neighbourhood, and to seeing the project evolve." 

Gavin Cansfield, chief executive at settle said "We're delighted to be working in partnership with Stonebond on this development. Our purpose at settle is to help people who are struggling to find a place to live and to help our residents live comfortably in their homes. Linmere is a fantastic site and we are really pleased to be providing over 140 affordable homes in what promises to be a great community setting." 

Around 90 acres of the Linmere site will be green space - a combination of parkland, wildlife corridors, allotments, sports pitches, play areas and walking routes linking the new village with the surrounding countryside and rural settlements. 

As well as delivering up to 5,150 homes over the next 15 years Linmere will see the creation of two brand new state of the art primary schools and an extension to Houghton Regis' existing Thornhill Primary school, due to open this September. A ten-form secondary school will open in September 2022.

Phase two of the development, currently underway, includes the village's focal point, The Farmstead, a hub not only for the villagers but for residents from the surrounding area. The centre, due to open in December, will consist of a café, retail outlets, and will have rooms available for hire for community events. That phase will also see the completion of a 24,500 sq ft Lidl store on 2.11 acres, due to open later this year.

Lidl is also building a one million sq ft regional distribution centre on 58 acres, the largest in the UK, due for completion in 2023, which will create 1,000 new jobs.

Linmere's ethos is to create a place where wellbeing is prioritised and outdoor living is a way of life.  Once completed, the overall development will contribute more than £36m towards local education, transport, open space, and leisure facilities. The project has already provided a substantial financial contribution to deliver the A5-M1 Link Road, which has been open since 2017 and will bring benefits to the wider area including helping to relieve traffic congestion in the nearby town centres. For further information, please visit www.linmere.com 

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  1. And where's the promised doctors surgery??

    1. Could you explain what you mean? Where and when was this 'promise' made?
      Once you have provided this information I can look further into it.

    2. All this is on Central Beds website, I would have thought that you of all people would be aware of something as important as the need for another doctors surgery to be built, especially since the one we have got cannot manage with the patients it has now.
      And since we are on the subject there was another important promise made and that was the "undergrounding the electricity pylons that currently run parallel to the M1"

      Houghton Regis North development
      Houghton Regis North (HRN), site 1
      Outline planning permission for HRN1 was granted in 2014.
      HRN1 will include:
      up to 5,150 new homes of a range of types and sizes
      1 million square feet Lidl warehouse retail, leisure and offices of around 1 million square feet
      new community facilities including new doctors' surgery, community hall and associated provision
      78 hectares of open space, including community orchards, formal parkland, sports pitches and informal open space
      3 new primary schools
      contribution towards secondary school provision at Kingsland or All Saints
      major strategic roads - A5-M1 link road, M1 Junction 11A and the Woodside Link – connection between the M1 and Houghton Regis
      new infrastructure including foul water and sewerage connections, a local road network and new utilities provision
      undergrounding the electricity pylons that currently run parallel to the M1

      Here is the link.

    3. Thank you for clarifying the document from which your quotation is taken. The CBC webpage to which you refer is not an official statement of the planning permissions granted for the Linmere outline planning. I would suggest further reading and understanding of what the healthcare provisions and liabilities are by referencing these planning documents. There are a significant number of documents in there, but the S106 documents are likely to be the ones that contain the answers which you seek. Without having had the time to personally check, the usual format is that the provisions are made on completion and occupation of so many houses. http://cbstor.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/publicportalviewer/publicViewer.html?caseID=CB/12/03613/OUT


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