Dismissal for probationary PC who failed drugs test

  • A probationary police officer has been dismissed after he failed a drugs test.

PC Alan Anderson was in the process of joining the force when he tested positive for cocaine in a pre-employment drug test last summer.

He was dismissed following a misconduct hearing held at King’s House in Bedford between 17 and 21 June. The panel found he had committed breaches of the Standards of Professional Behaviour for Fitness for Duty and Discreditable Conduct.

Assistant Chief Constable Sharn Basra said: “We are currently in the midst of our biggest ever recruitment drive as part of the national uplift, but this shows our standards remain as high as ever. We test all of our officers prior to them joining the force and carry out random drugs tests while officers are in service.

“We understand that people may have issues in their personal life which can lead to substance misuse, and we have a number of initiatives in place to help those who are struggling and encourage people to come forward for support.

“However, the public rightly expect our officers and staff to be fit for duty and to lead by example in abiding by the law. In this case the panel had little option but to dismiss.”

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