What is Going on with Sundon Road?

  • At Houghton Regis News Desk we've had occasional enquiries from local residents asking for an update as to when the Sundon Road will be fully reopened. This was raised again recently in Houghton Regis ......Whats Occurring in our Community???. An answer was provided by someone widely believed to be a resident of Sundon Road. That answer is reprinted below. Not wishing to fight anyone's personal battle, here at HRND, and only to try to inform local people, we wrote to the Linmere developers to ask them to give their side of the story.

The Question

On 8th May on a public social media group this question was asked,
"Does anyone know why it's taking so long to do the road by Windy Willows I'm sure the temporary lights have been up months. Looks like the BT work has been done that needed doing. Surely doesn't take that long to level that little bit of road & the entrance to Windy Willows."

An Answer

An answer was provided by a member of the social media group, “The answer is simply that the Houghton Regis Management Consortium have and are refusing to acknowledge existing drainages that runs along and passed Windy Willows and according to CBC should discharge into the newly formed flood attenuation pond sunk by the HRMC and now controlled by them.

“The electric and BT work was delayed due to HRMC refusing to pay for the alterations. This work has now been completed leaving our driveway to be redesigned and drainage put in place, however, rather than sort this out amicably and like grown-ups, HRMC are choosing to throw their weight and money about and have now resorted to using CBC to issue a No Waiting highways order over a 100 metre stretch of Sundon Rd to try and prevent us from parking on our crossover in order they can force their illegal works programme.

“CBC Executives are complicit in this bullying tactic by HRMC and are ignoring what is fundamental factual evidence that our stance is correct.

“Our families will never surrender to bullying be it by developers, councils or anyone and as much as we apologise to our community for the inconvenience we hope you will all understand and and respect our reasoning.

“Not one of our councillors has helped although each and everyone of them have an obligation to our community.

“We stand alone, and still we can’t be moved.”

A Counter-Reply

A spokesperson on behalf of Linmere developers said, “At Linmere we are conscious that the continued traffic light controlled single lane between the Sundon Road roundabout and Parkside Drive is causing a lot of inconvenience to the community. 

“Last year the traffic lights were required to enable the new road and junction into the Linmere scheme where the village hall is being built. They were originally intended to be in place until 18/12/20 but the discovery by utility companies of existing unknown & shallow cables extended the need for traffic lights to 05/03/21 when it was confirmed that telecoms providers had completed their works. The lights should have been removed and normal two-way traffic in place by that time. 

“However, since then a property owner on Sundon Road has occupied Council Highways land, mainly the verges and 2 vehicle cross overs accessing private driveways and prevented the completion of the remaining works to Sundon Road. 

“These works were partially replanned to try and work around this issue and a further diversion of electric cables outside of the carriageway was successfully completed on 27/04/21. It is the actions of that owner that are the sole reason for the continued need for temporary traffic lights to control the ongoing restricted single lane traffic flow.

 “We will continue to support the Council to recover the situation and complete the road works thereby ending the frustration and inconvenience the community is suffering.”

At HRND we asked for proof that 'a property owner on Sundon Road has occupied Council Highways land' and were told by the Linmere spokesperson, “the occupier has been checked by both Linmere and the Council and we confirm that this is Council Highways land.”

What Does CBC Have to Say About All of This?

We asked for Central Bedfordshire Council to comment. All they would say as of 13 May, is, “CBC has authorised completion of these works and we are working closely with LIH to facilitate this.”


An update to this story was published by https://lutontoday.co.uk on 25 May 2021 -

At-A-Glance Timeline for Linmere

  • Opening of ‘The Farmstead at Linmere’, the heart of the development incorporating a café, community hall and adventure playground
  • Opening of a new supermarket
  • Extended Thornhill Primary School due to open (3 form primary)
  • New adjacent secondary school due to open Further housing
  • 2 further primary schools
  • Further retail offerings