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Houghton Regis among 'Youth Spaces Fund' Winners

Houghton Regis was among the winners of funding allocated through the new Police and Crime Commissioner's office this week.  Festus Akinbusoye, the newly elected PCC for Bedfordshire,  was joined by young people from across Bedfordshire this week to invest £28,000 in improved spaces for young people. On Tuesday 18th May, Festus, together with Chief Executive, Clare Kelly, hosted an online event with students from Bedford Academy and Denbigh High School to discuss improved spaces for young people in Bedfordshire. Commissioner Akinbusoye said, “One of the best things decision-makers can do is to empower the people they are trying to support. I offered the chance to our young people to make decisions on behalf of their generation and they did not disappoint. They worked together and showed decisiveness as they worked through carefully all the options we gave them.” Council leaders from across Bedfordshire were invited to bid into the Commissioner’s Youth Spaces Fund (see Note 1

New Application for 60 Homes off Bedford Road at Houghton Regis

Details of Planning Application - CB/21/01883/FULL Application Type: Full Application Date Received: 27 / 04 / 2021 Registration (Validation) Date: 10 / 05 / 2021 Consultation Start Date: 10 / 05 / 2021 Earliest Decision Date (Consultation Period Expires): 16 / 06 / 2021 Target Date for Decision: 09 / 08 / 2021 Location: Land at Bedford Road, Houghton Regis, LU5 6JS Parish Name: Houghton Regis Description: Erection of 60 dwellings including access from Bedford Road and full landscaping details A proposal for a new development says that '60 new affordable homes and associated landscaped areas and infrastructure', will aim to 'respect the local character and respond to specific site constraints and opportunities. It's been submitted to the Central Bedfordshire Council planning department. According to the public Design and Access Statement , 'It will provide new amenities for the community and a footpath network that will enhance the wider contex

Central Bedfordshire pupils prepare for Walk to School Week

> It's estimated that over half the journeys made by car could easily be walked. A mile journey walked on foot could easily be done with 20 minutes of brisk walking and arm-swinging exercise. Pupils throughout Central Bedfordshire will join thousands of children across the UK to celebrate the benefits of walking during ‘Walk to School Week’ (17-21 May).  Children and their parents are being encouraged to swap four wheels for two feet by taking part in the five-day walking challenge, organised by Living Streets , the UK charity for everyday walking, as part of their National Walking Month campaign each May. Families are encouraged to travel sustainably and either walk, cycle, scoot or ‘Park and Stride’ for the whole week, to show them the big differences that come from small steps, from healthier and happier children to fewer cars outside the school gates. Central Bedfordshire Council will be supporting local pupils by supplying a number of classes with Walk to School Week

This Week's 14 Local Fly-Tipping Pictures

In a nutshell, the law says fly-tipping is illegal. But people do it to save money, because they're too lazy to take it to a tip, and because they think they can get away with it. Everyone needs to play their part, jot down number plates and locations where they see it going on, and REPORT IT via the Fixmystreet app, which sends it onto our local Councils immediately. The following pictures were submitted online via to convey reports of fly-tipping in our local area of South Bedfordshire in just the past few days. Get the FixMyStreet app or just use a browser and jump to Fly-tipping is the illegal disposal of household, industrial, commercial or other ‘controlled’ waste. The waste can be liquid or solid. Fly-tipping is a criminal offence  according to Government sources , punishable by a fine of up to £50,000 , or 12 months imprisonment if convicted in a Magistrates’ Court. The offence can attract an unlimited fine and up to 5 years

Chairman and Vice Chairman for Central Bedfordshire Council are re-elected

Following yesterday’s Council meeting (Thursday 13 May) Cllr Brian Saunders, was re-elected as Chairman of Central Bedfordshire Council. Cllr Gordon Perham was also re-elected as Vice Chairman. Annual Council - Thursday, 13th May 2021 at 6:30pm - Central Bedfordshire Council Webcasting Following his re-election, Cllr Brian Saunders , who represents Stotfold and Langford said, “During these unprecedented times, I have been proud to be an ambassador for the council, but the health emergency has meant that I have been unable to get out and meet with residents and communities as much as I would have liked. I look forward to restrictions lifting and having the opportunity to meet with residents. I also look forward to representing the council at civic and ceremonial events.” Cllr Saunders will continue to raise funds and awareness for his chosen charity, The Need Project, which is based in Stotfold and covers much of Central Bedfordshire. Cllr Gordon Perham , who represents Lins

What is Going on with Sundon Road?

At Houghton Regis News Desk we've had occasional enquiries from local residents asking for an update as to when the Sundon Road will be fully reopened. This was raised again recently in  Houghton Regis ......Whats Occurring in our Community??? . An answer was provided by someone widely believed to be a resident of Sundon Road. That answer is reprinted below. Not wishing to fight anyone's personal battle, here at HRND, and only to try to inform local people, we wrote to the Linmere developers to ask them to give their side of the story. The Question On 8th May on a public  social media group this question was asked, "Does anyone know why it's taking so long to do the road by Windy Willows I'm sure the temporary lights have been up months. Looks like the BT work has been done that needed doing. Surely doesn't take that long to level that little bit of road & the entrance to Windy Willows." An Answer An answer was provided by a member of the socia

Over a Thousand Weapons Taken Off Bedfordshire Streets

Bedfordshire Police say that more than a thousand weapons are now safely off the streets after being recovered from outdoor public spaces and from a number of weapons bins throughout the county. This activity was a result of Operation Sceptre – the national week of action aimed at tackling knife crime and encouraging people to think twice before carrying a knife. Police activity included weapons sweeps, school and retailer engagement, and pro-active high visibility patrols in areas most affected by knife crime. The force’s crime reduction team emptied  22 weapons bins  prior to the week of action and found 347 blades and five firearms. The bins were last emptied in November last year following a previous Operation Sceptre week of action. The bins were  emptied  again  on Tuesday  (4 May) and  a further 843 blades and two firearms  were  recovered . Officers from the community teams took part in a number of weapons sweeps across the county, where a total of 13 knifes were found.

Conservative candidate is elected Police & Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire

The new Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Bedfordshire is Conservative Festus Akinbusoye  The vote took place at Luton's Inspire Centre. In the first round results the votes were as follows: Festus Akinbusoye, Conservative: 51,700 David Michael, Labour: 42,708 Jas Parmar, Liberal Democrat: 15,983 Patrick Hamill, Independent​: 8,279 Antonio Daniel Vitiello, English Democrats: 3,387 Liberal Democrat Jas Parmar, English Democrat Antonio Vitiello and Independent Patrick Hamill were eliminated after the first round of voting. Following the second count, the second preference votes were considered and added to the first round tally. Mr Akinbusoye won 59,793 votes, compared to Labour candidate, Mr Michael, who polled 50,815. PCCs are elected to oversee the work of their local police force. Follow us on Facebook If you have news for Houghton Regis, please send it in. Tweets by HoughtonRegisND

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