Path Clearance Volunteers "Back To Work" near The Fancott Arms

On a snow covered Wednesday morning the NCPMVs ventured back out returning to work on the welcoming Chilterns for the first time since the release from the imposed COVID-19 National Lockdown.

Led by Sylvia with support from Robin (CBC) the PMVs met under COVID-19 guidance and ruling at The Fancott Arms,Toddington after a somewhat fraught start to the day as 
a) it was -2C and white on the ground 
b) a trailer wheel was jammed on in our storage barn over the COVID-19 hibernation period so we had to quickly decamp tools into the back of our cars 
c) the pre-planned workload changed as the local farmer had cut the hedge that had been previously recce'd.  Robin and Sylvia however quickly turned this matter around finding adequate local replacement work.

The work undertaken, which was all duly completed, was on 3 nearby locations within close proximity and therein walking distance.  The full arsenal of tools, hand and powered, were used except for the mower which had to be left behind.  Thanks go to David, our quartermaster, for the cutting ability of the hand tools and the smooth running of the power tools

Site 1
TD50 - tidied up vegetation on fence side of path and removed dead wood.
TD51 - tidied up vegetation on fence side, removed overhanging branches, cutting down stumps and other trip hazards, clearing moss and other growth off bridge and infilling threshold to bridge due to ground erosion / shrinkage

Site 2
TD45 - installation of our first WMP for 2021, woohoo !!, adjacent to existing kissing gate, vegetation clearance from sides and height on section of path on top of bank plus removal of several stumps.

CT46 - clearance of vegetation including fallen and overhanging trees branches.

The attending Path Maintenance Volunteers very much enjoyed this first work party:- Jonathan W,  Chris, Phil P, Quentin, Linda, Douglas, Mike, Hilary, David, Alistair, Ron, Sylvia & Phil A and of course thanks to Robin (CBC).

Next envisaged work party is planned for Wednesday 21 April 2021. If interested contact the volunteers here: