Path Clearance Volunteers At Chalk Hill, Houghton Regis

A report form Chiltern Society Path Clearance Volunteers

The assembling NCPMV's turning up at The White Lion car park on Wednesday, this week, were a little unsure as to the exact day's workload but with Robin (CBC) filling in the gaps and the freshly 'volunteered' leaders of the day, Sylvia, Simon and David quickly aligning the PMVs were soon at work. 

Taking all due cognisance of the ongoing background of the C19 environment and the business of the adjacent Watling Street main road the three main work parties set out on HR24 & 31, Chiltern Way / Icknield Way:-

  • repairing the handrail and uprights to a long flight of steps down from the road to the field
  • paring back the vegetation, installing a replacement WMP and minor repairs to another staircase and a further WMP
  • paring back vegetation to path on the other side of Watling Street and litter picking

It was a good inauguration for our newest recruit, Aggie.

Footpaths in this area:
Footpaths in this area: CBC Map 
 Volunteers worked on FP24 and FP31

Those who participated very much enjoyed the relative minor chaos of the day:- David, Douglas, John, Aggie, Linda, Simon, Quentin, Phil P, Chris, Sylvia, Ron, Alistair, Martin, Yvette suitably watched and cajoled by Phil A.

Next work party is scheduled for Wednesday 5 May 2021.  If interested contact the volunteers here: