English Democrat PCC Candidate Calls for an end to Politically Correct Policing

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections take place in Bedfordshire on 6th May 2021. These elections are postponed from 2020 due to COVID-19. We continue our look at the candidates with the candidate from the English Democrats.

Antonio Daniel Vitiello, candidate of the English Democrats Party has issued a statement saying that, “The disgraceful way the police have behaved, especially during the past year, is evidence that we must end Politically Correct policing. Now is the time to stop Boris Johnson and the Westminster establishment from using the police to co-erase us into giving up our ancient civil liabilities and Human Rights.”

He continues, “The English Constitution specifically allows us to defend ourselves and our property. We should make sure that constables honour their oaths and support victims of crime in defending their homes and families against criminals, in accordance with the English Bill of Rights.

“We will grant licences for carrying of pepper sprays to allow people to protect themselves from attack. If you want to see our police refocused on protecting our people from criminals, re-trained on English law, and enforcing actual law rather than political correctness, vote English Democrats on 6th May!”

For further information about the English Democrats visit https://www.englishdemocrats.party 

This election is postponed from 2020. These are the 5 candidates: