New Plan Announced to Build Homes in Houghton Hall Park

Ok, so you arrived here after 12:00 which means that you were too late to enjoy the April Fool. Below is the content we shared on this day of frivilous fun. Enjoy your day!

  • A planning application to construct 50 log cabin homes in Houghton Hall Park has been submitted.

Houghton Hall Park Enterprises, a subsidiary of Houghton Hall Park Amenities and Recreation Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Central Bedfordshire and Houghton Regis Park Developments have announced that new homes will be constructed in Houghton Hall Park in Houghton Regis. The application has been submitted.

Wide-open space in Houghton Hall Park

A spokesman for the developers said, “There is a very large plot of green space in the middle of Houghton Hall Park which the public do not by and large use. At the same time, there is a lack of affordable housing, so it makes sense to utilise this space and encourage green living. I must reassure the public that they will still be allowed to run, walk and cycle around the edge of the park.”

If approved, a new access road would be built from Park Road North between the car park and Moore Cresent.

* Full Plans are available until midday today on the CBC Planning Portal under  CB/01/04/1200/FULL or go to and search for CB/01/04/1200/FULL.

Images above from Design and Access Statements. These will tell you most of what you may want to know. Part 1 is herePart 2 is here
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