Houghton Brook Clean Up

  • Today, ten people gathered at the source of Houghton Brook on the Green to clear litter, large and small, from the stream bed and banks up to Park Road North.  

The team gathered on The Green beforehand

Amongst the items they found, and removed, were 
  • a garden parasol, 
  • a digging tool, 
  • car interior fittings, 
  • metal, 
  • toys, 
  • glass and plastic bottles and lots of cans, 
  • two jerseys, 
  • a paint can, 
  • plastic bags and sweet and crisp wrappers.  

Team member Paul White with part of today's haul

A risk assessment was carried out prior to work starting as the banks of the stream can be steep and slippery. 

Clare and Katy working together in the sludge

The volunteer team comprised Tracey McMahon, Susan Goodchild, Sue Jenkins, Julian, Michael Murphy, Paul White, Clare Evans with Toby and Katy, and Sally Gray with support from Houghton Regis Town Council.  

Sue and Julian tackle the steep banks and muddy streambed

Taskmaster Sally Gray said, “It was lovely to hear the comments from passers by, in particular a couple of cyclists who were looking for the source of the River Lea and we were able to tell them they were nearly there!  

“It certainly looks a lot better now and very soon leaves will be unfurling on the trees, birds will be nesting and the banks will be covered in fresh vegetation and wild flowers.  The whole area is now safer for the wildlife that live in this important habitat, and much more pleasant for pedestrians and cyclists on the path.  Thank you to all the team for your efforts.”

*The Houghton Brook starts behind the Pavilion on the village green. The brook flows east under Park Road North, beside Windsor Drive Recreation Ground, Parkside Recreation Ground, and on towards the M1 bridge at Leagrave where it becomes the River Lea. In turn the River Lea flows into the River Thames in London.

Would you like to help out in a future litter pick? Drop us a line and we'll forward your details.