Pandemic Means Councillors Don't Have an Urgent Need For New Offices

Houghton Regis Town Councillors met virtually on the Monday, 15th February, to keep alive their 'New Office Sub-Committee'. But now councillors have gotten used to having their meetings online, and with the pandemic still in full swing, there seemed to be no mood to take any urgent action.

A report to the committee explained, “As Covid restrictions have continued, to date no member of staff has applied for flexible working. This may change as and when office working can resume. General feedback from staff appraisals showed support for a hybrid of office / home working. Legislation enables a council to meet remotely until 7th May 2021. At the present time, the government have indicated that they are not considering extending this. Due to the recent works on the offices, in particular the replacement floor, it is considered that the current offices are suitable to continue to use in the short term at least. ”