Councillor's Bid for a Family Focused Outside Gym

Due to housing development in Houghton Regis, Labour in Houghton Regis say the town is now owed a reasonable amount of investment. Parkside Ward's Labour councillor, Cllr Antonia Ryan, has put in an amendment to Central Bedfordshire Council's Annual Budget to request this happens as soon as possible.

The amendment will go before the Council meeting on 25th February and reads, “There has been a high level of housing development in Houghton Regis over recent years and this has resulted in a large contribution of approximately £1million to the New Homes Bonus received by this Council. Houghton Regis is the most deprived area of Central Bedfordshire and is yet to see any benefit to the land they have lost. I strongly believe some of this money should be reinvested in the communities in which that housing growth has occurred. I therefore propose to use a portion of this funding to pay for a family focused outside gym in the Parkside Ward. This amendment identifies in full the necessary sources of funding for the additional expenditure, so no further amendment is required to the budget. I therefore propose the following amendment to the Capital Programme 2021/22 to 2024/25, Appendix B Capital Programme Detail: Under Directorates and Children’s Services insert: ‘Place and Communities’‘Family focused outside gym in Parkside Ward’ ‘100’ [under Gross Expenditure] ‘100’ [under External Funding] ‘0’ [under Net Expenditure] [inserted in the 2021/22 financial year]”

The Central Bedfordshire Council Meeting takes place on 25th February, and you can request an email reminder or watch it live, or later, here.