Why Sundon Road Still Has Traffic Lights On it

  • A spokesperson for the Linmere developments (HMRC) has been asked by News Desk to explain why Sundon Road has traffic lights on it.

“In response to your questions below, please see the response I have received from the HRMC: 

“The principal reasons for the delay in the Sundon Road roadworks are the late discovery of shallow cables under the road by Openreach and UKPN which had to be re-routed. In addition, a landowner has been obstructing some of the works causing delays in the full opening of the road. 

“Despite the obstruction, we are designing additional drainage works within CBC land leading to two private driveways to improve the drainage on those drives. The Council have to approve the new drainage design but assuming that is not delayed and landowners cooperate with the construction we aim to have completed the work and removed the temporary traffic lights by the end of February. 

“I trust this also answers your query on the temporary traffic lights which hasn’t been caused by Linmere as stated above. 

“Thanks, Matthew Matthew Taylor, Account Manager