Whipsnade Zoo - “It is Ok to Visit” — MP

Andrew Selous, MP, told News Desk, “The government has listened to concerns I and other MPs have raised on behalf of zoos and from the 26th of December it is now possible for people in Tier 4 areas to visit outdoor areas of zoos and other animal attractions.”


The regulations state:

6.16 Regulation 2(6)(d) amends Schedule 3A to the All Tiers Regulations to include a new exception for leaving home in Tier 4 as paragraph 2(2)(da), which is to visit: outdoor attractions at an aquarium, zoo or safari park; or outdoor animal attractions at a farm, wildlife centre or any other place where animals are exhibited to the public as an attraction. An amendment is also made to permit these attractions to open in Tier 4 by regulation 2(6)(aa) and (bb).


Andrew and hippo.

Andrew added, “I am absolutely delighted by this because being able to go to Whipsnade will be very special for many local people. These visits will provide much-needed income to our zoos and enable Whipsnade’s leading global conservation work to continue. ”